Business Communications Systems

Terms of Use

We believe Terms of Service should protect both parties in a business relationship. Here’s what to expect from us:

CastleCom Promises:

  1. Work will be performed in a professional and workman like manner.
  2. Phone systems with install packages are guaranteed to reliably deliver the features promised in the proposal. Otherwise when notified of issues within 30 days of install, we’ll attempt repair at no charge and if we cannot resolve the issue will take back the systems with a full refund.
  3. Except as required by law, CastleCom will keep client confidential information confidential.
  4. CastleCom will provide client full documentation on their system including manuals, configuration documentation, and application installers.

By purchasing equipment or services from CastleCom, Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Client agrees to pay CastleCom in full for orders including shipping, handling and tax if applicable. Otherwise, the items client purchases remain the property of CastleCom. Client is responsible for any legal expense toward collecting unpaid debts. CastleCom may disable or reclaim any equipment or service not paid in full.
  2. Half down payment must be received by CastleCom prior to acceptance of an order. Orders are not binding upon CastleCom until accepted by CastleCom.
  3. Client agrees to pay for shipping any item(s) back to CastleCom for warranty of defective products or refund purposes unless it is a result of CastleCom’s mistake that does NOT include errors made by shipping companies.
  4. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Restocking fees may be applicable to certain items.
  5. Client shall supply 120-volt AC power with surge protection, and CastleCom shall not be liable for any damages, failures or costs resulting from unsuitable power or from power surges.
  6. CastleCom does not guarantee that products sold are defect free or 100% compatible to each other or with existing equipment, services, or software.
  7. CastleCom is not responsible for any damage or loss of time, profit or money as a result of using products purchased from CastleCom, web site information, services, or advice by phone/web site surfing/e-mail.
  8. Any product of any kind that is provided by CastleCom to Client shall be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, whether implied, express, disclaimed or limited, and CastleCom makes no warranty whatsoever with concern to the same. Client agrees and acknowledges that, with concern to such product, it is relying solely on the manufacturer’s warranty, and that it will not seek recourse against CastleCom with concern to such products in the event any of the same are found to be defective. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that such product is found to be defective due to no fault of Client or intervening events or persons, CastleCom shall make a good faith effort to assist Client in enforcing manufacturer warranties. To the extent allowable by contract or law, CastleCom hereby assigns all warranties, if any, to Client concerning all product provided to Client under this Agreement.
  9. CastleCom is not responsible for any shipping company’s error during transit or the resulting damage or loss of value, time, profit or money.
  10. Client acknowledges that e911 services may not function with VoIP services and bears full responsibility for any repercussions thereof.
  11. Client will not intentionally cause any damage to CastleCom, physically, financially or in reputation.
  12. Disputes. All claims, disputes, and other matters in questions arising out of, or relating to this Agreement, shall be decided by the Tulsa County Court System.

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