Business Communications Systems

Matt Roberg

Matt is most often referred to by his loyal customers as “the red-headed phone guy”. Working in the industry for over 20 years, he has become regarded as an expert in telephony technology with field experience in various technical roles. Matt was previously Director of Operations with Terra Telecom, a national interconnect, but earned his most admired title in the field by being “the phone man who puts his customers first”.

Matt is originally from Tucson Arizona but grew up in Jenks from Age 11. Matt learned his work ethic on his parents’ ranch where he cared for over 60 horses, often working from before dawn till after dusk. Matt has maintained his work ethic but traded the horse stall for highly technical communication systems.

What Matt loves most about his line of work is the enjoyment he receives when he resolves a business critical client issue that was deemed “impossible to solve”. Matt is a phone/network /security nerd and proud of it!

Matt and his wife Amie live in the Tulsa area with their three daughters and son. Matt is an avid roller-blader, enjoys playing ice hockey, shoots a mean game of pool and loves a great game of chess.


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